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Dear Friend,

The Dutch are rightly renowned for their linguistic skills – which is why I can confidently drop you a line in English, my native language.

Fact is, I’d be equally confident writing to you in Dutch, as that’s my mother tongue. But would you be confident writing compelling, audience-attuned copy in two different languages?

Probably you’d agree that I have a rather unique skill set.

And that’s why I’m here.

Give me a brief to create effective marcom materials for the international market – maybe a corporate brochure, a customer-focussed direct-mail shot, or a branding website – and I am, as we say in English, ‘in my element’.

Indeed, I’ve built something of a reputation for delivering the kind of copy that gets real results – helping blue-chip companies like Vodafone-Ziggo, Dell Computer and Mitsubishi Motors raise market profile, generate client interest and close sales.

And because that trick with two languages is second nature to me, your existing Dutch marketing materials can serve as brief and you can explain the thinking behind things like customer profile and tone of voice in your own preferred language.

Ready to find out more?

Check out the rest of the website; I’ve conveniently written it for you in Dutch.

Or give me a call on 06 – 11 323 359 – anytime.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Robin Glendenning